PushPrinter is a software application that runs on Windows and Android. It works with a number of online ordering systems and is recommended to use with the PX-90 range of printers.

Frequently Asked Questions



1. Download PushPrinter from www.pushprinter.com or the Google Play store.
2. Go to the 'settings' cog and select the correct provider profile from the dropdown list.
3. Optional - Configure Audio notifications to suit.
4. Press the 'back arrow' at the top left.
5. Using the + button, add new printer.
(For network printer - Name the printer. Add API printer (found in store printer settings), set number of copies, add printer IP address and set port to 9100).
6. Test print
7. Create printer
8. Go to your store and place a test order.

Paper Size Settings

Correct paper sizes for popular printers. Please share if you have information to add. Click the 'i' icon above to see the list.




(These instuctions are for the most popular Windows Shared Printer option)

1. Download PushPrinter for Windows program using the button above.
2. Open Windows Control Panel.

PushPrinter PX-90

3. Open 'Devices and Printers'

PushPrinter PX-90

4. Right click and select 'Printer Properties'

PushPrinter PX-90

5. If your printer is not showing use these instructions to set it up.
6. To test that the pritner is working, please press 'Print Test Page'.

PushPrinter PX-90

7. If the test page does not print. Then please connect and install the printer correctly. Please see: Printer Set up
8.If the test page does print, please share the printer with the following settings;

PushPrinter PX-90
PushPrinter PX-90

9. Click apply
10. Open the PushPrinter application. Please check that the settings display as follows;

PushPrinter PX-90

11. Now either 'Create Printer' or 'Edit' your existing printer:

PushPrinter PX-90

12. Add settings including: API key from the printer just created, ensure printer type is Windows Shared Printer (ESCPOS). Windows shared printer name must match the shared printer name that was added before.

PushPrinter PX-90

13. Then press 'Send Test Print' and then press 'Create Printer'.

Printer name- This is the name that the printer will show inside of your online ordering system.

API Key - This needs to be copied from the printer settings inside of your online ordering system.
Number of copies - This will determine how many copies of the are printed.

Printing type - This needs to be set to Windows Shared Printer (ESCPOS) for this to work.

Windows Share Printer Name - This must match EXACTLY the shared printer name that was added before. You should avoid spaces and special characters.

Paper Size Settings

Correct paper sizes for popular printers. Please share if you have information to add. Click the icon above to see the list.


Use this link to download drivers for the PushPrinter PX-90 thermal receipt printers.

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© PushPrinter 2020. All rights reserved.

© PushPrinter 2020. All rights reserved.



My receipt is being cut-off early?

Got to Settings>Receipt Printing>Select Printer>Paper Settings> Adjust 'Feed Lines At Start of Receipt' and test print.

Adjust number of lines and test until suitable. Ensure to test with different size test orders.

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PushPrinter PX-90
PrinterPaperPrint WidthInterfaceWeightBuy
PushPrinter PX-90B80mmX80mm72mmBluetooth+USB1.1kgUSD / AUD
PushPrinter PX-90E80mmX80mm72mmEthernet+USB1.1kg 
PushPrinter PX-90 features 1
PushPrinter PX-90 features 2


All PX-90 printers come with;
Software optimised chipset for rapid and full thermal image printing.Built in beeper alert8M cacheAuto-cutterLow noise, high speed printingEasy paper loadingSupport continuous paper printingCash drawer interface